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Your journey starts here!

Join the Vascobelo Academy and you will never stop your professional and personal development.

Want to grow within your role? Read further!

A purposeful learning organization

Our mission is to support you on your career ladder in every facet of the company. We do this by prioritizing learning, growth, and innovation within every department and role in Vascobelo.

Do you want to start a career path? We provide you with all the tools to reach your ambitious goals, fulfil your professional and personal development needs, and never want you to stop growing within your role!

What is possible?

Get started as All-round Barista or Intern

When starting at Vascobelo, you will be provided with online training about all procedures. This is followed by an in-person training day with our latte art champion and an amazing chef.

Every year, you will be provided with a virtual refresh course, filled with games, challenges, and engaging videos.

Assistant Manager / Supervisor

Are you up for the next challenge? Grow to become the next assistant manager / supervisor of the location. This is done by following a four-month personalized learning journey. This journey includes training from your manager on location, as well as online content, tests, games, and challenges.


Do you dream of managing your own location? This is definately possible within Vascobelo. When you are up for this challenge, you will start a six-month learning journey to become location manager. You will be trained by the directors and L&D, and follow weekly online courses, games, challenges, and tests.

Cluster Manager

The sky is not the limit and managing one location not enough for you? Become cluster manager of our V-Point locations! As cluster manager you manage multiple locations in one area. To reach this function, you will follow a six-month learning journey, filled with in-person training and a new online challenge each week. It includes analysing your cluster of locations, implementing improvement goals, and tracking results.

An overview of courses we offer:

Induction program

Including an online course, a full training day with our latte art champion and an amazing chef, and a welcome-back evening to share your experiences, challenges, and show your acquired skills.

Yearly refresh program

A yearly online learning journey, refreshing all our procedures, filled with fun games, challenges, and escape rooms.

Half yearly manager training days

Focusing on leadership skills, sales techniques, one-on-one conversations, and much more.

Dutch survival course

Are you new in the Netherlands and have a hard time 'surviving'? We offer a Dutch basics course for professional and personal survival in the Netherlands.

Yearly Emergency Responder's course

What if something happens on location that requires medical attention? You don't have to worry, as with our yearly emergency responder's course, you will know how to act!

Food & Beverage training

We switch menu's twice a year and introduce new specials. During these trainings you learn how to shake cocktails, prepare varying sandwiches, and pour perfect cappuccino's.

Curious what such learning journey will look like?

Watch for a preview, but definitely join us on this experience!

Ready to take the next step in your career?

Let's get in touch and create your own individual learning path together! On to the next level!

Vera Schuurmans

L&D Manager at Vascobelo